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Birmingham, MI

UM is located in the Palladium Building, Birmingham, MI.  It consists of the entire 2nd floor and half of the 3rd floor.  It is part of the complete reconstruction of the Palladium Building performed by Tower Construction.  This Class A office space is truly one of a kind.  Totaling 54,000 square feet it includes twenty-six Frameworks partition meeting (“huddle”) rooms each created to feel like a separate space with its own unique set of finishes.  The extraordinary design of this space consists of specifications for:

(39) types of light fixtures, all dimmable with multiple zones controlled by a Crestron System
(13) carpet tiles
(7) broadloom carpets
(10) graphic wall covering designs
(9) paint colors
(8) ceramic tiles
(3) porcelain tiles
(2) luxury vinyl flooring tiles
(1) wood flooring

Where there are open ceilings Tower Construction installed K-13 Sona Spray used both as a design element and for masking sound.  In the seven Break Rooms/Areas you can enjoy a fresh ground gourmet coffee or treat yourself to a Coca-Cola Freestyle beverage.  Construction began mid-August 2015 and was approved for occupancy December 2015.